SIRUI QR6090 / RGX6090 Strip Softbox Series

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Strip Softbox Series
Quick Setup Version QR6090/Common Version RGX6090
Quick Setup Version
Common Version
Why We Choose SIRUI Strip Softbox?
There are two softboxes in 6090 strip softbox series - RGX6090 Common Version and QR6090 Quick Setup Version. Quick release design of the QR6090 allows easily setting up and breaking down the softbox, which helps increase efficiency. Strip softbox can help control the light directionally and can only light the subject but keep the environment around dark. Double layers diffusion fabrics are included to transform hard light into beautiful soft light, ideal for portrait, live streaming, TVC, studio, etc.
QR6090 Quick Setup Version Strip Softbox
Quick release chuck design allows you to easily set up and break down the softbox.
Press the quick release chuck to set up the softbox in seconds.
Quick Setup and Breakdown
1 Setup
Press the chuck and mount.
2 Breakdown
Press and pull out the tab to breakdown.
*Please press and fix the bowens chuck first when setting up or breaking down the softbox and pay attention to the bounce.
High Density Double Layers Diffusion Fabric
QR6090 strip softbox provides directional light. Two different kinds of high density diffusion fabrics are included to transform hard light into beautiful soft even light and improve light transmittance. You can get natural light during shooting.
Inner high density diffusion fabric helps improve light transmittance.
Higher density diffusion fabric helps transform hard light into beautiful soft even light.
Without Softbox
With Softbox
Included Grid
Included grid helps control direction of light.
*Grid is only included in QR6090 Quick Setup Version.
RGX6090 Common Version Strip Softbox
Four metal rods are used to set up and fix the softbox.
Setup Method
1 Open the softbox.
2 Place the chuck and softbox as shown.
3 Insert the rod with screw shape part through the holes and in the correct hole of the chuck.
4 Insert the rest 3 rods and it is suggested to install the 4 rods diagonally.
5 Press and rotate the rod which has screw shape part until the softbox is set up. Then insert the screw shape part into the hole.
6 Hang the inner diffusion fabric on four corners.
7 Use the velcro to fix outer diffusion fabric.
Reflective Double Layers Diffusion Fabric
Smooth fabric is added to RGX6090 strip softbox to provide soft and even light. The subject covered by the fill light is bright and the area around is dark with smooth shadow.
Double Layers Diffusion Fabric
Hard Light VS Soft Light
Without Softbox
With Softbox
Bowens Mount
Universal Bowens mount works well with SIRUI LED Monolights and a wide range of other lights with Bowens mount.
*Compatible with SIRUI C300 Light
Compatible with SIRUI Blaze Series LED Monolight
Compatible with SIRUI CS Series Monolight
Compatible with SIRUI C300 Colorful Full Spectrum Light
Various Cases
QR6090 Quick Setup Version
RGX6090 Common Version
Open Diameter(cm/inch)
Closed Length*Width(cm/inch)
What’s in the Box
Softbox, Double Layers Diffusion Fabric, Grid
Softbox, Double Layers Diffusion Fabric
Two Softbox Options
QR6090 Quick Setup Version
What’s in the Box
1 Softbox
2 Grid
3 Diffusion Fabric*2
4 Carrying Bag
RGX6090 Common Version
What’s in the Box
1 Softbox
2 Bowens Chuck
3 Rod*4
4 Diffusion Fabric*2
5 Carrying Bag