Sirui Super Lighweight Carbon Fiber Tripod

Sirui Super Lighweight Carbon Fiber Tripod

Cheney Chen |

Traditional tripods are often bulky and heavy, making them difficult to carry around.

If you're like most photographers, you want the option to travel light. But that's hard to do when your tripod is bulky and heavy.

Our lightweight carbon fiber tripod is the perfect solution. It's strong enough to support your camera and lens, but it's also incredibly lightweight and easy to carry around. Plus, our tripod comes with a carrying case for added convenience.

Sirui Super Lighweight Carbon Fiber Tripod

The Sirui Super Lightweight Carbon Fiber Tripod is a fantastic camera mount for all types of photography and videography.

Its smooth video head provides maximum panning capability with unparalleled precision, and its featherweight construction makes it a breeze to transport from one location to another.

Setting up the tripod is amazingly straightforward - even beginners can deploy the legs quickly and effortlessly.

Perhaps best of all, this remarkable model gives hobbyists and professionals alike great options in terms of flexibility and stability when capturing their outdoor scenes or performances.

No matter the situation, the Sirui Super Lightweight Carbon Fiber Tripod won't let you down.

Smooth Video Head

With its ultra light weight and carbon fiber construction, it offers unmatched portability and resilience in any environment. And its two-way video head with an attached handle ensures you get perfect pans (up to 360 degrees) and tilts (from +90 degrees to -90 degrees) to capture stunning shots without any vibrations or unwanted movement.

Carry with Ease

Weighing in at an amazing 950 grams or 2.09 pounds, it's no surprise that this product is considered very lightweight to carry around.

It features pure carbon fiber legs and a hollowed-out aluminum center column, creating a smooth and stable performance while still saving weight.

Not only that, but its folding mechanism allows it to be extremely compact so that you can take it with you anywhere without any hassle.

Lightweight easy to use

It features a unique twist-lock system for the upper part of the center column that allows you to quickly and easily transition between different heights, no matter the terrain.

You can also adjust the center column so that you can shoot from ground level. With the Sirui Tripod, you can enjoy having all of your shots remain clear and focused without being slowed down by bulky tripod luggage in your travels.

Quick Leg Setup

If you're looking for a tripod that is designed to help you set up quickly and efficiently, the Sirui Super Lightweight Carbon Fiber Tripod is an excellent choice.

This tripod features a quickset leg system which allows you to make adjustments with just one twist of a single locking knob. This not only helps save time when shooting in the field, but it also makes for a more secure and robust tripod.


The Sirui Super Lightweight Carbon Fiber Tripod is perfect for photographers who want to travel light and capture high-quality images without the hassle of a bulky tripod.

Its lightweight design makes it easy to transport, and its smooth video head offers maximum panning capability with unparalleled precision.

It also features a quickset leg system which allows for quick and easy setup, enabling you to capture exceptional shots in no time. This tripod truly is a must-have for photographers who need stability and flexibility on the go.

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