SIRUI SVS75 Rapid System One-Step Height Adjustment Video Tripod

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SVS75 Rapid System One-Step Height Adjustment Video Tripod with SVH15 Drag-Control Video Fluid Head and 75mm Half-Bowl Quick-Release Handle owns 6 patents, which is the most budget friendly professional tripod kit for the field of high image quality video productions.
This professional tripod features high speed and durability.
Compared with traditional knob or flip leg lock setup tripods, SIRUI SVS75 is one-step height adjustment design, which means that you can pull only one twist lock on every leg to set up and lock the tripod. Even with heavy equipment, this one-step height adjustment design allows adjusting height up and down quickly and flexibly, which is suitable for quick moving shooting.
Users can rotate the twist lock even when the tripod is closed and the large contact area design of this twist lock prevents your hand from being pinched.
Fluorescence color is added to help distinguish the rotation direction of setup and breakdown in dark situations.
Traditional Tripod
One-Step Height Adjustment
Knob Leg Lock
Flip Leg Lock
Max Load
(Tripod Leg)
The mid-level spreader can be added to help stabilize the entire support system. You can extend or retract the length of the spreader to help fine adjust the angle of the legs via locking knobs.
Rotate the central knob and lift the spreader to store with the tripod together.
Easy assembly
Remove the mid-level spreader and lock the legs in one of the three positions via the semi-automatic knob.
Semi-Auto Angle Adjustment
Add the mid-level spreader to increase stability.
Height without Mid-Level Spreader
Retracted Height: 29.1inch/740mm
Min Height: 8.1inch/205mm
Max Height: 61.2inch/1550mm
SVH15 Drag-Control Video Fluid Head
SVH15 Drag-Control Video Fluid Head is the most professional one of SIRUI, which is constructed with aluminum alloy. Fully NF blocking hydraulic damping is designed to ensure smoothly operating from -40℃ to 60℃. 7 steps of counterbalance and the incremental pan and tilt drag-control can balance different camera size and weight, providing ideal and comfortable operation.
At present, this kind of fluid head is extremely expensive. However, SIRUI has researched and developed one fluid head with both affordable price and high quality, which is suitable for more users.
At present, most fluid heads are designed with damping gear adjusting structure, which can not balance different cameras size and weight, or inverted chip structure, which can not be used at low temperature. To make up for the shortage, fully NF blocking hydraulic damping is designed in SIRUI SVH15 to ensure smoothly operating from -40℃ to 60℃. The incremental pan and tilt drag-control can also balance different camera size and weight.
Patent Number:
Patent Design, Do Not Infringe!
7+0 steps of counterbalance can balance different camera weight from 4kg to 15kg, making it universal and flexible.
When using equipment of different weight, the stepless pan and tilt drag-control allows locking the head in any position safely. You can also flexibly adjust the position when adding or reducing accessories. In addition, the angle of the head with heavy equipment can easily be adjusted.
Stepless Adjustment
SIRUI Incremental Stepless Adjustment
Gear damping head can not help balance equipment accurately
Panning and tilting locking knob are separated. Pull the knob for convenient direction adjustment.
Instead of the traditional insert method, side loading is designed on SVH15 head, which means that you can insert equipment from one side both easily and quickly. Even with heavy equipment, it also works well. After side loading, there is a 30mm back and forth range for adjustment, helping shooting with tphoto lens.
30mm back and forth adjustment range after side loading
Besides built-in quick release plate, this SVH15 video head is compatible with DJI RS2 / RS3 / RS3 Pro Quick Release Plate, which allows instantly switching camera between stabilizer and tripod.
When you mount DJI RS2 / RS3 / RS3 Pro Quick Release Plate on SVH15 video head, please detach one safety pin of the quick release clamp.
Quick Release in 2″
Most half-bowl handles come with disadvantages of low efficiency and they will also become loose after frequent use. However, this SIRUI 75mm Half-Bowl Quick-Release Handle allows quick release with only 2 seconds. Just rotate the handle 2 turns, press the knob and pull out the handle.
Insert the handle and rotate it 2 turns in an anticlockwise, which helps increase the efficiency and locking tightness. And it is 2 or 3 times tighter than other products.
Compatible with Flat Base Head
QH-75 Half-Bowl Quick-Release Handle can be used on other flat base head.
Angle and length adjustable handle with rubber sleeve improves operation experience.
The tripod with horseshoe feet works well on even ground and increases the stability of tripod. Increased contact area horseshoe feet with limit location design further avoids slipping and makes the tripod steady.
Horseshoe Feet
The tripod without horseshoe feet works well on soft ground. And it is also compatible with SIRUI DT-06 Tripod Dolly or other universal accessories.
Built-in 4mm Allen key helps install and detach strap and adjust tightness of quick release plate quickly.
Detachable strap is included for easy carrying.
What's in the box?