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Our Story

SIRUI, the world's leading anamorphic lens, lighting equipment, and camera support brand, has long been dedicated to providing filmmakers with the ultimate shooting experience. SIRUI products, known for their high performance at an affordable price, have been widely recognized and highly commended by budding filmmakers and professionals at home and abroad. So far, SIRUI has established an impressive customer service network around the world, as well as over 300 sales outlets and terminal showrooms.

Our History


2001 - SIRUI is established.

2006 - Production line for camera supports (tripods & heads) grew mature.

- Built production bases for anamorphic and cine lenses.

2018 - The R-3213X tripod won the Red Dot Design Award and the German Design Award.​

2019 - Change the anamorphic game with the lightweight and truly affordable 50mm 1.33x APS-C anamorphic lens.

2021 - Introduced the 50mm 1.6x full-frame anamorphic lens for more professional use.

2022 - Make a foray into the lighting equipment market with the T60 telescopic tube light, 60W point source lights, and the 30W LED panel.​

Our Team

Excellent Team

Why choose us?

SIRUI has long been committed to providing users with the best products, the most attentive service, and the most wonderful shooting experience. SIRUI will unswervingly take the road of innovation and continuously develop quality products that filmmakers truly love and need.

Our Technology

Take the SIRUI anamorphic lens as an example:

The 1.33x lineup is fairly compact and lightweight as the anamorphic optical system is well combined with the spherical imaging system.

Use the original integrated floating inner focus system to achieve fast aperture and quick focusing.

The high-precision cylindrical lens used in the SIRUI anamorphic is much better than those used in lighting equipment and laser printers.

The high-precision cylindrical lens used in the SIRUI anamorphic is much better than those used in lighting equipment and laser printers.

Rigorous Testing

We perform rigorous testing procedures on all of our products to assure you're getting a dependable and strong product.

Tripods: High/Low Temperature Test, Load Test, Crash Test, etc.

Lenses: Resolution Test, High/Low Temperature Test, Drop Test, Shock Test, etc.

Lighting equipment: Button Test, CCT Test, Illuminance Test, Noise Test, Flicker Test, High/Low Temperature Test, Drop Test, Cycle Dropout Test, etc.

Feedback-Based Optimization

We sent quite a number of sample units to professional filmmakers for real world test before the official product launch. Based on their user insights, we further optimize the product to make it nearly perfect.​

Commitment to Quality


18-Month Warranty

Camera Supports

Six-Year Warranty

Lighting Equipment

One-Year Free Replacement, Two-Year Warranty

How To Contact Us

Customer Service:

Company Name: SIRUI USA LLC
 Company Address: 29 Commerce Court, Verona, New Jersey, 07044, United States

 Address: The Third Industrial District, Wuguishan,Zhongshan City, Guangdong, China, 28458
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We will reply to your message within 48 hours of the working day.