Award-winning Film with SIRUI Lenses

Award-winning Film with SIRUI Lenses

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Award-winning Film RATAVOLOIRA Shot on SIRUI Anamorphic LensesThe first impression of film making is always that it is professional, expensive and requires professional equipment. The teams and funding, which has deterred countless photographers and made it seem like a luxury to produce a film independently. Nowadays, innovations in video technology have given video shooters unlimited possibilities; leading the industry with SIRUI lenses, which have opened a new dimension in popular cinema, making professional films on a small budget is no longer a dream.

 Award Winning-SIRUI anamorphic lens

Just recently Giulio Cavallini, an Italian director, has won several international awards for his superhero short film RATAVOLOIRA, which was made with SIRUI 1.33x anamorphic lenses! He has created a new way of thinking for countless video shooters who want to make films!

 SIRUI anamorphic lens

The summaries of RATAVOLOIRA


For days, Turin's citizens have been saying they hear voices and shouts coming from the statues in town. Many people suffer from insomnia and gather unconsciously near the statues. The police are completely in the dark. A crime wave hits the city. Until a masked man who calls himself “Ratavoloira” and tries to get the situation in hand.


Awards and official selections:



-Best Action Film, May 2022, Los Angeles Film Awards

-Best Action Film, April 2022, New York International Film Awards

-Award of Excellence (Special Jury Mention), May 2022, Indie Short Fest Los Angeles

-Best Film Noir Short, May 2022, Indie Short Fest Los Angeles

-Best Cinematography, May 2022, Indie Short Fest Los Angeles

-Best Original Score, May 2022, Indie Short Fest Los Angeles

-Outstanding Achievement Award (Producer), May 2022, Indie Short Fest Los Angeles

-Outstanding Achievement Award (Sound Design), May 2022, Indie Short Fest Los Angeles

-Outstanding Achievement Award (Production Design), May 2022, Indie Short Fest Los Angeles



-Semi-finalist Flickers - Rhode Island International Film Festival

-Best film of the month, may 2022, Indie Short Fest Los Angeles

-Best Director, may 2022, Indie Short Fest Los Angeles


Official selections:

-NaNo Film Festival, Naples

-Menzione d’onore, Festival del cinema di Cefalù

-Monacorti Film Festival, Munich


We are pleased to invite the director GIULIO and the cinematographer FEDERICO, so let's get to know the story of the film RATAVOLOIRA shot on SIRUI anamorphic lenses.


Why choose SIRUI 1.33x anamorphic lenses?

  1. Fantastic cinematic image


The director Giulio mentioned in the interview that the project he has been working on since 2018 but just in 2021 became a short film about a superhero. Because he wanted to search for a specific look for this movie that is the anamorphic look; until he saw SIRUI anamorphic lenses and decided to shoot with it.

“ You can tell we love these lenses by watching the short film. SIRUI allowed us to be very creative while being lightweight and very fast.”

“And we loved them right away. They give us the anamorphic look we were looking for while being very sharp.”

-Giulio & Federico Meneghini


They also mentioned how much they liked the cinematic frames, the blue flare, and the artistic sense of out-of-focus of the lenses. During the shooting, every frame was full of surprises.

 SIRUI anamorphic lens

  • lCinematic format: The 2.4:1 cinematic format is very impressive and gives a cinematographic image.


  • lImpressions of the flare: The brushed dazzling blues of the SIRUIare saturated and natural, which add a sense of sci-fi suspense to the images.

 Award Winning-SIRUI anamorphic lens

  • Artistic out-of-focus: the sharp out-of-focus vertical stretch, beautiful stretched oval bokeh and slight distortion effect of the sharp in-focus image, combined with the unique shallow depth of field, make the protagonist seem to be peeling away from the background.And the aperture range of F2.8-F16 means that even when shooting at night, we can save the use of too many lights, which gives a more realistic and natural image.

 Award Winning-SIRUI anamorphic lens

  1. Lightweight and flexible - enjoy shooting from multiple angles


“Being this lightweight gave us more time to plan the shots while giving director Giulio Cavallini  more time to focus on the acting. With an aperture of T2 and a cinema camera with dual native ISO we could shoot at night without using too many LED panels.”

“You can tell we love these lenses by watching the short film. SIRUI allowed us to be very creative while being lightweight and very fast.”

-Federico Meneghin

 Award Winning-SIRUI anamorphic lens

SIRUI 1.33x anamorphic lenses are flexible which can satisfy accommodate a wide range of shooting ideas. Lightest at just 560g, it can be handheld or on a lightweight stabilizer, or even mounted on a drone. It is easy to transport the lenses when faced with special angles, tight spaces, in vehicles and close follow up shots. The result is the flexibility to meet a wide range of shooting ideas.

Award Winning-SIRUI anamorphic lens

Award Winning-SIRUI anamorphic lens

  1. High VFM - small studios essentials


“This helped us reducing production costs while keeping the crew very small on set。”

 Award Winning-SIRUI anamorphic lens

As we all know, the biggest obstacle for cinematographers was access to these very specialized and often prohibitive lenses. But now, SIRUI tries to break the market, and offer extremely affordable anamorphic lenses for cameras. It’s no longer cost prohibitive for independent movie makers to own the SIRUI Anamorphic lenses. It is available in native mounts for M4/3, L, Sony E, Canon EF-M, Nikon Z, RF and Fujifilm X cameras and is sturdily built with an all-metal body. At just over $2,500 for the current SIRUI 1.33x Anamorphic lens kit, it is cheaper than a traditional single anamorphic lens and is sufficient to cover the cost of shooting for small studio.


The SIRUI 1.33x Anamorphic lenses are not just a budding experience, but the strongest support for professional films on a small budget. If you are tired of conventional video viewing and looking forward to creating a unique cinematic image, I am sure that SIRUI 1.33x Anamorphic lenses will give you the most satisfying surprise.

 Award Winning-SIRUI anamorphic lens

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