Ratavoloira---a distinctive superhero

Ratavoloira---a distinctive superhero

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Giulio Maria Cavallini was born in Italy and has had many careers: director, actor, writer, editor, and so on. He has devoted himself to the development of Italian language films and has made many independent films: Ratavoloira (2021), Conseguenze (2017), and All'imbrunire (2021). Recently more and more people have been paying attention to the fact that he has created a distinctive superhero in 'Ratavoloira'. The hero is great, hopeful, dialect-speaking...

There is no doubt that we are familiar with superheroes, but we must not have seen the Ratavoloira, a dialect-speaking superhero. The film was shot with SIRUI lenses, the blue brush and the artistic sense of out-of-focus of the lenses provide a cinematic atmosphere of sci-fi suspense to the film.

'Ratavoloira'  bat in Piedmontese, that in just a few months has already won coveted awards overseas such as at the New York International Film Awards and the Indie Short Fest in Hollywood.

Turin is the backdrop and soul of the work, whose protagonist is a shy Polytechnic student who thanks in part to his technological genius, transforms himself at night into a reckless defender of the city threatened by a gang of miscreants.

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