Top Tips For Photography Light

Top Tips For Photography Light

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Top Tips For Photography Light 


In daily shooting, except for using natural light well, in some specific environment with some appropriate auxiliary light, you can make the photos achieve a different effect. Especially for indoor photography, you can even use a few fill-in lights as the main light source to outline and shape the beauty. 


Fill lighting is one of the easiest lighting options on the market to use. If you've never used soft lighting before, you should! Soft lighting photography can instantly take your content from amateur to professional.


In this article, we will discuss how to create incredible soft light photography at any level, including:

  • What photography fill light is
  • What to look for in photography fill light
  • How to set up the photography fill light
  • Tip for use photography fill light
  • The best fill light for photography


What soft lights is 

A photography fill light is a light used to compensate for the light of certain equipment or plants due to the lack of light level. There are usually three types of fill lights that people refer to, one is the camera greenhouse fill light (plant fill light), photography fill light (photography light or camera fill light), and license plate fill light (white light).

Lights are used for: Macro photography, Product photography, Portrait photography, Videography, and Social media content creation.


What to look for in photography fill light

Find a photography fill light with Multi-function

To choose the color temperature and brightness adjustable. SIRUI LED Spot Light color temperature and brightness adjustable, can be used as the main light, can also be used as a backlight shooting when the side and rear light source, with a handheld handle, conditions can buy two with practical, with perfect light.


And make sure your light has a high CRI, because the higher the CRI, the higher the color reproduction of the object. In other words, make the color of the picture as close as possible to the objects. SIRUI LED Spot Light has a 96 CRI. It also has 12 kinds of lighting effects that can imitate lightning, bonfires, TV, fireworks, and other special effects. 


Invest in a Portable photography fill light

Generally used for indoor fill light is large, it needs to be connected to the plug-in board, not convenient to take outside, and can be used with a pulley light stand when necessary. SIRUI LED Spot Light is compact and lightweight, only 660g, and can also be charged by an external battery to meet different scenarios. In addition, the light adjustment is installed APP on the phone adjustment. Compared to other brands of remote control adjustment, cell phone adjustment without worrying about the loss of the remote control causes trouble.



There is also a panel light, only 36mm thick, weighing 880g, which can be packed directly into the backpack. The small size makes the  Panel Light E30B especially suitable for use in tight spaces or on the desktop. Compared to similar products that can only be mounted on a light stand, the E30B, with a grip included, can achieve quick run-and-gun shooting.


For portraits, it is best to use non-glaring light. Common LED matrix usually produces harsh shadows, so an extra diffuser is required. Conversely, the Panel Light E30B adopts an edge-lit design and an internally diffused panel to produce bright soft light with natural shadows.


How to set up the photography fill light

  1. Mount to a suitable stand or handheld as required.
  2. Fix the photographic fill light on the side of the object about 45° above, the conditions allow another fixed on the other side. The reason for preferring this location is to simulate the lighting effect of natural light, which is in line with the general visual habits.
  3. Adjust your photography fill light and camera to the correct temperature and brightness settings.
  4. 4. Take your shot!


Tip for use photography fill light

Indoor multi-light shooting, to follow a principle, that is, there is only one sun, and then more lights, but also only to play a role in the effect and support, the main light is only one. No matter how the light position changes, the main light is the key to the entire shoot. When using 2 lights, certainly one as the main light, and the other as a fill light or called auxiliary light.


In a completely dark studio, there is only one main light, so the main light does not illuminate some of the folds of the subject and the background of the edge of the object will leave more obvious shadows and projections (the depth of these shadows and edge clarity by the main light "hard and soft" degree of decision).


If you want to reduce the darkness of these shadows, then you can add a second light, which is the secondary light. As each light will bring its new shadows, the auxiliary light is generally placed close to the camera position, so that the angle of lighting generated by the shadow is the smallest, while the softer the auxiliary light the better.


The best fill light for photography

Ready to get started with fill light photography? SIRUI LED lights have adjustable color temperature and brightness and hours of constant light. Plus, our cordless, battery-powered options give you professional light wherever you go. Check them out below:

Ultra Slim LED Video Panel Light E30B

SIRUI 60W Silent Portable LED Spot Video Light


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