8 Reasons to Use Prime Lenses for Video

Benefits of prime lenses for video

Bella C |

When selecting between the two main types of camera lenses for filmmaking, prime lens or zoom lens, it can be tempting to always choose the zoom for its flexibility. Zoom lenses grant you a range of focal lengths, whereas prime lenses only have one set focal length and many benefits.


  1. More Light

The SIRUI Jupiter Prime lens features a wider aperture, which allows extra light into the camera. This makes prime lenses perfect for low-light situations.


  1. Shallow Depth of Field

The wide aperture of a prime lens gives a shallower depth of field. This grants you the power to put your subject in focus while blurring or fading the background.


  1. Sharper Images

The fewer focal lengths a lens has to accommodate, the sharper the image is. It’s easier for manufacturers to produce a lens that’s sharp at a single focal length rather than many.


  1. Better Image Quality

Compared to zoom lenses, prime lenses have less distortion and chromatic aberration for filmmaking. This is because the fixed focal length prevents distortion from changing the focal length.


  1. Good Value

Prime lenses can vary a lot in price, from the more affordable to the high-tech, high-priced lenses. However, when compared dollar for dollar to zoom lenses, they are better value. You may pay more for the image quality, but it’s worth it.


  1. Smaller & Lighter

A zoom lens has multiple optical components that allow it to change focal lengths. These components can make the lens much heavier. With a prime lens like the SIRUI Jupiter Prime lens, a single focal length removes the extra mechanisms. It makes the camera lighter to carry, manipulate, and shoot without sacrificing quality.


  1. Easier to Get Accustomed to The Focal Length

Because the focal length with a prime lens never changes, getting used to the tricks and little details of working with that focal length is much easier. With a zoom lens, the changing focal length can mean adjusting your perceptions and getting used to the new length, making it more difficult to get the right perspective and angle.


  1. Forces You to Move

Prime lenses like the SIRUI Jupiter Prime lens breeds creativity by forcing you to move into different positions to get the right shot. Zoom lenses can lead to lazy filmmaking, where filmmakers stand in one spot and rely entirely on the zoom feature to move in and out on their subject. With a prime lens, your creativity is piqued by needing to move from place to place to get the right angle and nail the perfect shot.


Choose SIRUI Jupiter Prime Lens for Your Filmmaking

Choosing a prime lens over a zoom lens for filmmaking gives you a different kind of flexibility that comes from the creativity of a single focal length and bending that to your shots. The SIRUI Jupiter Prime lens is an excellent example of the benefits of a prime lens. For a load more tips and tricks on getting the right images for your filmmaking, visit our website.