SIRUI at NAB 2023

SIRUI at NAB 2023

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After a pause in conventions during COVID-19, SIRUI has finally made it back to the NAB Show, just in time. With the best minds of the photography and filming industry all under a single roof in Las Vegas, there's no better place to gather to highlight the SIRUI anamorphic, SIRUI tripod, SIRUI light, and other SIRUI filmmaking technologies that have changed the game in photography.


Not only did SIRUI have an exhibition to show off the best of SIRUI filmmaking equipment, but we were honoured to be instrumental in the effective presentation of Sony’s booth, showcasing the B25R T120 photography light and how it can be flawlessly used for creative light facilities. So naturally, we at SIRUI were most excited about this conglomeration of ideas and technologies, seeing the fun and creativity of cutting-edge photography equipment.


Sony and the B25R T120 Photography Light

As an industry giant, Sony is respected through the NAB show and commands a presence of clients and other vendors wanting to see their innovation and technologies. Therefore, SIRUI was proud to be instrumental in the Sony booth. Sony used the B25R T120 photography light as a creative supplementary light facility, demonstrating the imagination and flexibility of the SIRUI photography light.

Although the SIRUI photography light works with SIRUI filmmaking equipment, showcasing how it can work seamlessly with other technologies, such as the celebrated equipment from Sony, highlights the quality and usefulness of SIRUI equipment

SIRUI Image&Film Ecology

A crucial part of the leading-edge innovation SIRUI prides itself on is the development of an image ecology in three categories, building upon and maintaining the foundation of excellence already present while fearlessly forging into the future.


SIRUI stepped forward with an image ecology in three categories:

  • Support System- The SIRUI tripod is the future of effortlessly supporting filmmaking equipment.
  • Optical Lens- The SIRUI anamorphic lens offers crisp, clear, wide shots with dramatic close-ups that show every detail, like real life. This anamorphic lens has broken the international monopoly on this kind of lens and has become a pioneer and leading representative of global consumer-grade anamorphic lenses.
  • Photography Light- The SIRUI B25R T120 photography light is the cutting edge of photography lights, allowing for increased visibility of subjects while giving you the flexibility you need to get creative with it.


At the Next NAB Show

SIRUI filmmaking made a splash in a big way at NAB Show 2023, and we're committed to continuing to do that for many NABs to come! Over a decade of NAB shows have demonstrated that this is the place for innovative and forward-thinking companies to show off items like the SIRUI anamorphic lens, SIRUI tripod, SIRIU light, and other ground-breaking SIRUI filmmaking equipment. Check out NAB’s schedule to find out when the next event will be, and for more information on the top SIRIU filmmaking equipment, visit our website.


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