The Bokeh Monster - SIRUI 75mm F1.8 Anamorphic Lens test + footage

The Bokeh Monster - SIRUI 75mm F1.8 Anamorphic Lens test + footage

JuneZZ |

The SIRUI anamorphic family, as a new member: The 75 millimeter f/1.8

This lens is supposed to be used only on an APSC sensor. When you use it on a full frame, you get some strong vignetting but you also get more data.

This is shot in crop mode, on an A7 frame

This is shot on full frame mode with a simple 1.2X zoom


The minimum distance to focus on this lens is 120 cm - 4 feet. It's pretty great for shooting small details with a lot of bokeh, even without a diopter.


This is maybe one of the sharpest lenses in SIRUI.

For me, only the 35 millimeter is capable of being this sharp and getting some beautiful subject separation at the same time.


Flares are more subtle than on the 50 millimeter version.

But still very preseant when directing the light into the lens.

Low Light


Because it's a 75 millimeter lens, the subject separation is better than on any other lenses of the SIRUI.

And the bokeh the lens creates, is pretty amazing.

This lens is a new step on the affordable anamorphic revolution, and is one of my favorite of the SIRUI.

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