What is Anamorphic Lens?

What are anamorphic lenses?

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An anamorphic lens is a specialized lens that alters how pictures are projected onto camera sensors. It was designed largely to provide a larger range of aspect ratios within a normal film frame, but cinematographers have become used to its distinct aesthetic.

An anamorphic lens is made up of extra glass elements that squeeze the picture horizontally, allowing filmmakers to record a wider field of view than a film or digital sensor would normally allow.

Why You Should Use an Anamorphic Lens?

Anamorphic lenses are an important part of any filmmaker's toolkit. Anamorphic lenses can be useful if you're trying to create an appealing story for the big screen.

Even at extreme closeups, anamorphic lenses record an unusually broad picture without distorting faces. The lenses can aid in the creation of ultra-wide rectangular aspect ratios, oval broken (out-of-focus picture areas), and lengthy horizontal lens flares.

Why Choose the SIRUI Venus 1.8x 135mm T2.9 Full-frame Anamorphic Lens

SIRUI Venus 1.8x 135mm T2.9 Anamorphic lenses, as opposed to regular camera lenses, allow cinematographers to record broader pictures on film. They also do not produce the close-up distortion that standard wide-angle lenses do. The heart of the frame remains accurate, but the frame's borders have a dreamlike, soft feel. So long as you're inside the minimum focusing distance, whether you're photographing a wide landscape or zooming in on someone's face, the quality remains consistent.

Cinematic Video

SIRUI Venus 1.8x 135mm anamorphic lens exaggerates the frame, giving the spectator a more cinematic video experience. When the film is de-squeezed, these lenses generate a 2:1 or 2.4:1 ratio, which adds black bars.

Wider View

Anamorphic lenses compress visual information on the recording medium to give viewers a larger aspect ratio. This cinematic video approach produces a widescreen format and can provide visual effects like horizontal lens flares.

Cinematographers can capture 2.39:1 aspect ratio video with Sirui anamorphic lens. This is a substantially larger field of vision than the 1.375:1 normal film aspect ratio.

Classic Blue Flare

When shooting into headlights, street lights, or directing lights, this lens produces a brighter, sharper, and sci-fi-looking flare. These anamorphic flares are achieved with premium cinema glass to produce edge-to-edge clarity and a truly realistic image.

Oval Bokeh

The SIRUI Venus 135mm features uniquely shaped components that provide a strange oval bokeh rather than the circular bokeh produced by typical lenses. The little oval balls are inconspicuous yet effective in enhancing images.

1.8x Squeeze Factor

The SIRUI Venus 135mm has a 1.8x squeeze design for a more prominent anamorphic image, such as smoothly blurred backgrounds with extended oval bokeh.

Stunning Image Quality

Anamorphic lenses are useful for capturing broad landscape images because they provide a broader viewpoint. Additionally, it can give drama to close-up shots due to stunning image quality. Their small depth of field contrasts between a sharply defined foreground and a hazy backdrop.

Compatible Design

Modern cinematographers may record more of any scene without moving by attaching an anamorphic lens to a drone due to its lighter weight and compatible design. This feature can save time and money for cinematographers.

All of these components work together to produce a more dramatic, cinematic-looking film when seen via an anamorphic lens. Certain advantages, like a broader field of vision and greater magnification, are valued by certain cinematographers. However, most people believe that a shallower depth of field, smoother blurred backgrounds, better image quality and more excellent foreground separation combine together, making SIRUI Venus 1.8x 135mm T2.9 truly unique and a great choice for filmmaking, product shoots, portraits and landscapes.

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