What is a Monopod and What Are They Used For?

What is a monopod?

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In the world of photography and videography, there are various tools and accessories that help professionals and enthusiasts achieve their creative vision. One such versatile tool is the monopod. But what exactly is a monopod, and what are they used for? In this article, we will delve into the world of monopods, exploring their purpose, benefits and the scenarios where they excel. Whether you're a sports photographer, wildlife enthusiast or simply someone looking to enhance the stability of your shots, understanding the capabilities of a monopod can elevate your photography and videography skills.

What is a monopod?

A monopod is a camera support device consisting of a single leg that offers stability and support while shooting. It is similar to a tripod but has only one leg instead of three. Monopods are commonly used in situations where mobility is important, such as sports events or wildlife photography, as they provide added stability without the bulk of a tripod. They are lightweight, portable and easy to set up, making them a popular choice for photographers and videographers on the go.

A monopod is the ultimate tool to stabilize and reach for the right shot. It can be used in a variety of great scenarios to get the right angle and give you just that little bit more reach. With a huge range of SIRUI monopods and accessories, you can choose the right one for your scenario.

What is a monopod used for?

A monopod is primarily used as a camera support device to provide stability while capturing photos or videos. It is commonly used in situations where mobility is essential, such as sports events, wildlife photography or on-location shoots. By using a monopod, photographers and videographers can minimize camera shake and achieve sharper images or smoother footage. Monopods offer a balance between stability and flexibility, allowing for quick setup and easy maneuverability, making them an ideal tool for capturing fast-paced action or shooting in challenging environments.

Monopod in different senerios

How to use a monopod in different scenarios

The all-situations monopod

The P-325FS Monopod is the perfect option for the traveling adventurer. 21% less heavy and featuring a variety of forms to use it in makes the ideal travel buddy. Use the monopod feature for an easy event or high-angle shooting that fits effortlessly into spaces a SIRUI tripod can’t go.

Also, use the extension rod to get those wide-angle action shots in highly mobile situations. The table tripod option keeps your flexibility wide open, making low-angle and close-up shots easier and more stable than ever before.

Adapting the ultimate monopod

For those who already have SIRUI monopods like the P-306/P-326 and the P-325FS/FL but want an even more stable and customizable experience, the P-36 kit is the perfect way to make your own SIRUI monopod. Using this kit, outfitted with an adapter to marry two monopods and the SIRUI tripod base, you can create an extra tall, strong monopod that features telescoping, quick-release mounts, and easy-to-telescope options.

Creating a fluid video

A smooth glide is paramount to getting the right vision and fluidity for your filmmaking. With the video head VA-5 paired with the SIRUI P-325FS/FL monopod, you can easily stabilize your camera with an easy-to-use handle that allows smooth panning. Built for lightweight camera setups, it has a built-in hydraulic damper that gives 360° panning and -60° to +90° tilting. This makes it the ideal monopod for any video situation where subjects will be tracked or moving through the film for the ultimate smooth shot.

Using a monopod for affordable shots

The P-series of the SIRUI monopod has recently been the subject of a price drop. This makes it the perfect choice for stabilizing, panning and tilting smoothly without sacrificing your bank account.

Keeping high-tech and high-performance monopods in mind, SIRUI has integrated affordability into the P-series to ensure that you can have the perfect SIRUI monopod for your needs. These discounts vary from a respectable 7% to a dramatic drop that cuts the cost of the SIRUI P-325FS by more than half, slashing the price by 52%. This shows how you can tailor SIRUI monopods to your individual needs.

To highlight how this price drop will affect the different ways you can use SIRUI monopods, let’s take a look at how the price drop affects the different scenarios you might be shooting in.

P-325FS Monopod: Was $139.00, discounted 52%, is now $159.00.

P-36 Kit: Was $169.00, discounted 41%, is now $99.00.

P-325FS Monopod with VA-5: Was 419.00, discounted 33%, is now $299.00. 

Other discounts and price drops include:


Past Price

New Price

Discount Rate

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P-36 kit





How to choose the right monopod

From capturing action-packed sports moments to observing elusive wildlife, a monopod proves to be a valuable companion for photographers and videographers. Its lightweight design, portability, and quick setup make it an excellent alternative to bulkier tripods. The stability it provides allows for sharper images, smoother videos, and the flexibility to adapt to various shooting situations. Whether you're a professional seeking stability on the go or an amateur looking to improve your photography skills, adding a monopod to your gear arsenal can enhance your ability to capture stunning shots with precision and confidence.

No matter where you’re going or what you’re capturing when you get there, there’s a SIRUI monopod or SIRUI tripod that fits your needs. With different lengths, capabilities, and adapters, you can customize your own monopod to fit any situation. For more ideas and tricks on getting the right monopod for you, visit our website.

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