Sirui Dragon Series Bendable RGB Panel Light B25R

Sirui Dragon Series Bendable RGB Panel Light B25R

Cheney Chen |

The Sirui Dragon Series Bendable RGB Panel Light B25R is the world’s first bendable LED light. With its unique design, this light can be bent inwards or outwards to properly illuminate a subject, creating curved light beams that separate the subject from the background and lend it a premium look.

One of the primary uses of the B25R is for lighting during interviews. The bendable light can be used to remove some of the shadows created by the main light source to make the transition of light from one side of the face to the other softer. This softens the light and makes people look more natural, resulting in a more polished and professional end product.

The B25R also features a quick-release design at each end, which allows you to seamlessly combine several lights together for a longer, brighter light source. This feature makes the light ideal for larger sets where multiple lights are needed to cover a wider area.
For those who need to take up less space on set, the B25R has three 1/4’’ screw holes for use on light stands. A specially designed connector is included in the two-light kit, allowing a stand to hold a total of two lights for wider illumination while taking up less space.
The B25R is a superior performer, achieving an output of 2000lux at 0.5 meter. The high CRI and TLCI ratings demonstrate the light's advanced capability in rendering color, ensuring that your photos and videos look as true to life as possible.

Overall, the Sirui Dragon Series Bendable RGB Panel Light B25R is a unique and versatile tool for photographers and videographers alike. With its bendable design, quick-release ends, and superior performance, it's an ideal choice for anyone looking to take their lighting to the next level. Whether you're shooting interviews, product photos, or cinematic video, the B25R is sure to be a valuable addition to your kit.

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