How important is a tripod to a photographer

How important is a tripod to a photographer

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Nowadays, everyone can be a quality photographer; and the equipment available is becoming more advanced, so if you like to shoot, you can become an experienced photo blogger on the social media as well.

But for many novices, the question of whether or not a tripod is worth buying has always been a confusing one. Because for many people who are not familiar with tripods. They think they take up space, are heavy and are just an accessory, which doesn't seem like good value for money. But my answer is: definitely buy one! Tripods really are so worth buying!


Why do you need a tripod?

First of all, a tripod is not just an accessory. If you are interested in learning photography, then it is a great learning partner for you. When you are shooting a scene and you want to open up the aperture and get a shallow depth of background, it can help you.

Secondly, if anyone has studied photography, they will know that if you want to take a picture of a car track, a pedestrian stream or a flowing stream, we need to use a slow shutter or a delay. This is where a tripod will not only make your shots more stable, it will also solve the problem of shake that we have with handhelds.

Thirdly, if you want to get a star-trail image, you need at least 30 seconds or even several hours of exposure. Can you get this kind of result by handheld or not? Definitely not, and even if you're not shooting star trails, you're going to need a tripod if you want to take some landscape, still, long exposure shots.

Finally, there's macro photography. A lot of photographers use tripods for macro photography, if you have a tripod, you can turn your camera freely and have the flexibility to do so.

In summary, if you really want to learn photography properly, then a tripod is essential.

Finally, for beginners, we recommend the SIRUI tripods, which are not only great value for money, but also stable, portable and lightweight: SIRUI AM-Series tripod, Traveler Series tripod, and waterproof tripod ST-124/125.

Hope your photography skills improve and have a great life!

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