What is a Cine Lens?

What is a cine lens?

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Cine lenses are a critical tool for professional filmmakers. Their range of features and capabilities set them apart from standard photography lenses. Learning more about what a cine lens is over a traditional lens will give you a wider range of features and capabilities to use for filmmaking.


What is a Cine Lens?

Cine lenses are the height of professionalism for professional filmmakers. They are specifically designed for the rigorous needs of filmmaking with the recording of continuous motion with exceptional video quality.

 Cine lenses

Physical Attributes of a Cine Lens

Cine lenses may look similar to other lenses but they have qualities that set them apart and make them of a higher standard. Some of these include:

Sturdy build- Specifically built for heavy use these lenses typically have a durable, all-metal body that will withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

Precise focus control- The cine lens is designed to maintain focus on moving objects and easily smoothly transition focus from one subject to another.

Light and aperture control- Cine lenses set themselves apart by allowing you to precisely control the amount of light that enters the lens.

Internal zoom control- For filmmakers using a rig that depends on balance, having the option to control the zoom internally without expanding or changing the length outside the camera can preserve balance.


Optical Quality of a Cine Lens

The optical quality of a cine lens is one of the biggest parts of what sets it apart. Since the quality of glass used in lenses is usually what makes a camera lens high-quality, the glass used in a cine lens is of an even higher quality than that used in still photography lenses.

Even more impressively, cine lenses set themselves apart in low-lighting and difficult lighting situations. The glass used in these lenses allows them to still shoot beautifully in these difficult circumstances, including scenes with high contrast and direct sunlight.


Depth of Field of a Cine Lens

The precise focus control of the cine lens allows for a greater range in depth of field. This range of options is crucial for filmmakers and has the added plus of allowing for attractive light flares when combined with a shallow depth of field.


How are Cine Lenses Different from Traditional Lenses?

Cine lenses are superior to traditional lenses in their design, features, and construction. Because they are specifically designed for the needs of filmmaking they feature a more durable design that allows for greater customization and fluidity while standing up to almost any external condition. They are built for the high demands of filmmaking making them the perfect choice for professional filmmakers.


Choosing the Height of Professionalism with a Cine Lens

Cine lenses are at the top of the pyramid when it comes to professional-grade cameras for filmmaking. Choosing to use cine lens means selecting a tool that is specially designed to meet the needs of filming while giving you the range of features and benefits you need. For more tips and tricks on opting for the right camera lens for your needs check out our website check our website.


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