How to Set Up Photography Lights

How to setup photography lighting

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You have a few photography light options when setting up your lighting before beginning filming but what's the best for what you're trying to achieve? The kind of filming and photography you're doing will change the type of photography light you’ll need, so make sure you match your needs to the right SIRUI light before you set up lighting for filming. We’ve created an easy-to-use guide to make sure you get the photograph light right every time.

The Most Popular Photography Lighting Scenes

There are various filming scenarios you'll most often use photography lights for. You would use photography lights in these scenarios to get the right mood, get full-coverage viewing of the subject, and have an image that perfectly captures your goal.


Some of the most popular scenes to use photography lights for include:

  • Live Broadcast / Streaming
  • Portrait Photography
  • Outdoor Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Interviews
  • Stage Lighting


How to Choose the Right Photography Light

Choosing the right SIRUI light for your needs comes down to understanding your needs and how to meet those with a SIRUI light. Whether you're looking for flexible coverage, high portability, or intense sunlight, there's a photography light out there to fit your needs. Matching your setting to the right light will help you find the right photography light.


Combine Photography Lights With Your Setting

Live Broadcast / Streaming, Portrait Photograph, and Outdoor Photography

Live streaming or broadcasting can be a dynamic environment that requires a variety of lights to best create natural but powerful lighting options. Portrait photography requires consistent strength from your light, while outdoor photography requires mobility.


Using the C60B SIRUI light, you can issue a powerful spotlight directly onto your live broadcast or portrait or outdoor photography subject. With a grip for easy handheld options and battery-operated options for increased mobility, the C60B is the perfect option for versatility.


If you’re looking for a wider option that’s still highly portable, the A100B SIRUI light is inflatable, so you can take it wherever you need to go, and it will inflate itself for a powerful wide range of light. Bi-colored, it offers 12 lighting effects and powerful illumination.


The highly portable E30B SIRUI light offers the best of both worlds. Ultra slim and ready to go, this photography light comes with a grip included and battery powered to make on-the-go photography easier than ever before.


Product Photography

When taking pictures of products, getting the right lighting is crucial to ensure every angle is highlighted to the product’s benefit.


By far, the best option is to get a light that will bend and contour to every shape of your product. The B25R SIRUI light is the ideal option, as it physically flexes and bends in different shapes, allowing you to tailor it to the form you want.


If you’re looking for a more simplistic spotlight, the C60B SIRUI light provides powerful and silent LED light that will surely bring powerful and focused light to the product.


Interviews and Stage Lighting

Creating a brightly lit stage that is easy to see for stage lighting or interviews is the perfect place for the C60B SIRUI light. With an easy grip or stand option, you have the ideal spotlight for interviews or stages.


SIRUI Lights as the Optimal Photography Light Solution

Creating the ideal lighting setup doesn't have to be complicated. Matching the photography light to your filing when you set up lighting will let you find the perfect light for that perfect shot. For more tips and tricks on photography lighting, visit our website.


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