What the Heck Is the SMALLEST Full-Frame Anamorphic Lens?

Compared to the previous generation, the latest Sirui 35mm T2.9 1.6x carbon fiber anamorphic lens for full-frame cameras is much smaller and lighter, with an upgraded neutral anamorphic flare that changes color with the source of the light.


The minimum focus distance can be an issue for most anamorphic lenses - especially with a wider lens - when trying to get some defocus in the background and get more of that oval character in the bokeh. Both these lenses have a minimum focus of 0.9 meters, which is awesome, but a diopter can also be added to focus considerably closer than 0.9.


These two lenses are T2.9 (or F2.8), so they may not be the best for shooting in the dark, but they can still create a very cool and special vibe for your shots in low lights.

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